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The University of Queensland
English Name: The University of Queensland
Region: Oceania
Country: Australia
Found Year: 1910
Address: The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Queensland 4072, Australia

For more than a century, The University of Queensland (UQ) has maintained a global reputation for creating positive change by delivering knowledge leadership for a better world.

UQ consistently ranks in the world’s top universities. It is located in Brisbane, the capital and most populous city in Queensland — a state well known for its natural beauty and world-class tourism attractions. UQ is the oldest and largest university in Queensland. More than 52,000 current students study across UQ’s three beautiful campuses in South-East Queensland at St Lucia, Herston and Gatton. They include more than 15,400 international students from 135 countries.

UQ has won more Australian Awards for University Teaching than any other Australian university, and is committed to providing students with the best opportunities and practical experiences during their time at university, empowering them with transferable knowledge and skills that will prepare them to exceed expectations throughout their career.

UQ’s greatest assets are its 250,000-plus successful graduates and include more than 13,000 PhDs. Our successful alumni network spans 170 countries.

The University of Queensland is a truly global research powerhouse. The University has eight world-class research institutes and more than 100 research centres, attracting researchers whose innovations are having a global impact. Some of our research highlights include Gardasil?, the cervical cancer vaccine; Triple P – Positive Parenting Program; world-leading MRI technology; discovering the new disease HBSL; and developing microalgae as a green-power biofuel.

UQ is one of only three Australian members of the global Universitas 21; a founding member of the Group of Eight (Go8) universities; a member of Universities Australia; and one of only two Australian charter members of the prestigious edX consortium, the world’s leading not-for-profit consortium of massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Total Enrollment:about 52,331
           International Students:about 15,431 (29.5%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:about 35,861
Graduate Enrollment:about 16,470

Undergraduate Programs
           Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Studies
           Agricultural Science
           Ancient History
           Ancient History/History
           Animal and Plant Biosecurity
           Animal Science
           Applied Psychology
           Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology
           Architectural Design
           Art History
           Arts (Ipswich)
           Asian Studies
           Bachelor of Dentistry
           Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Hon)
           Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Pass)
           Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Hon)
           Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
           Bioinformatics and Innovation Management
           Biomedical Science
           Bioprocess Technology
           Bioprocess Technology and Innovation Management
           Business and Industry
           Business Economics
           Business Information Systems
           Chemical and Biological Engineering
           Chemical Biotechnology
           Chemical Biotechnology and Innovation Management
           Chemical Engineering
           Chemical Sciences
           Civil and Environmental Engineering
           Civil Engineering
           Classical Languages
           Coastal Management
           Communication, Media and Culture
           Composition and Musicology
           Computer Science
           Computer Systems and Networks
           Computer Systems Engineering
           Criminal Justice
           Dental Studies
           Drug Design & Development & Innovation Management
           Drug Design and Development
           Earth Resources
           Economics and Public Policy
           Education (Middle Years of Schooling)
           Education (Primary)
           Education (Secondary)
           Electrical and Aerospace Engineering
           Electrical Engineering
           English Language and Communication
           English Literature
           Enterprise Information Systems
           Environmental Engineering
           Equine Science
           Event Management
           Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
           Film and Television Studies
           Food Science and Nutrition
           Food Technology
           Games Modelling
           Gender Studies
           Geographical Sciences
           Geological Sciences
           Health Informatics
           Health Promotion and Population Health
           Health Services Management
           Health, Sport and Physical Education
           Human Resources
           Human-Computer Interaction
           Indigenous Health
           Information Security
           Information Technology
           Integrated Resource Management
           International Business
           International Inequality and Development
           International Relations
           International Trade and Finance
           Islamic Studies
           Journalism and Mass Communication
           Logic and Philosophy of Science
           Marine Biology and Ecology
           Marine Geology and Coastal Processes
           Marine Science
           Mass Communication
           Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
           Mechanical and Materials Engineering
           Mechanical Engineering
           Mechatronic Engineering
           Media Studies
           Media, Communication and Cultural Studies
           Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
           Microbial Biotechnology
           Microbial Biotechnology and Innovation Management
           Mining Engineering
           Molecular and Microbial Science
           Molecular Biotechnology
           Molecular Biotechnology and Innovation Management
           Multimedia Design
           Music Performance
           Nanotechnology and Innovation Management
           Natural Resource Science
           Natural Resources and Environment
           Natural Systems and Wildlife
           Occupational Health and Safety Science
           Oral Health
           Organisational Communication
           Paramedic Science
           Parks and Wildlife Management
           Peace and Conflict Studies
           Performance and Musicology
           Physical Activity
           Plant Biotechnology
           Plant Biotechnology and Innovation Management
           Plant Science
           Political Science
           Popular Music
           Production Animal Science
           Psychological Science
           Public Policy
           Public Relations
           Quantitative Methods
           Real Estate and Development
           Regional and Rural Business Management
           Regional and Town Planning
           Rural Management
           Scientific Computing
           Social and Public Policy
           Social Work
           Software Design
           Software Engineering
           Software Information Systems
           Software Systems and Aerospace Engineering
           Sports Studies
           Studies in Religion
           Sustainable Development
           Tourism Management
           Veterinary Science
           Veterinary Technology
           Wildlife Management
           Wildlife Science
           World Literatures and Cultures
Master's Degree Programs
           Advanced Practice Nursing
           Agricultural Studies
           Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
           Ancient History
           Animal Studies
           Applied Finance
           Applied Law
           Applied Linguistics
           Art Therapy
           Arts in Chinese Translation and Interpreting
           Arts in Japanese Interpreting and Translation
           Audiology Studies
           Aviation Nursing
           Behaviour Management
           Business Administration
           Business Economics
           Career Development
           Child, Youth and Family
           Children and Young People's Health
           Chronic Disease and Palliative Care
           Chronic Disease Management
           Cleaner Production
           Clinical Dentistry
           Clinical Exercise Physiology
           Clinical Leadership
           Clinical Pharmacy
           Clinical Psychology
           Communication for Social Change
           Community Development
           Community Mental Health
           Computer Science
           Conservation Biology
           Development Economics
           Development Planning
           Dietetics Studies
           Economic Evaluation
           Electrical Engineering
           Electricity Market
           Electronic Commerce
           Energy Studies
           Engineering Science
           Environmental Markets
           Environmental Tourism
           Event Management
           Family Therapy
           Financial Mathematics
           Food Science and Technology
           Food Security and Agrifood Systems
           Food Studies
           Gasteroenterological Nursing
           General Practice
           General Practice Nursing
           Geographic Information Science
           Global Livestock Production
           Governance and Development
           Guidance and Counselling
           Health and Development
           Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
           Heritage Development
           Hotel Management
           Human Nutrition
           Human Resource Management
           Inclusive and Special Needs
           Indigenous Health
           Information Systems
           Information Technology
           Integrated Water Management
           Interaction Design
           International Business
           International Economics & Finance
           International Public Health
           International Relations
           Learning Support
           Magnetic Resonance Technology
           Mental Health
           Mental Health Nursing
           Minerals Industry Risk Management
           Molecular Biology
           Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
           Museum Studies
           Music Therapy
           Natural Resource Economics
           Natural Resource Management
           Natural Resource Studies
           Nursing Studies
           Occupational Therapy Studies
           Organisational Communication
           Organisational Psychology
           Peace and Conflict Resolution
           Physician Assistant Studies
           Physiotherapy Studies
           Planning for Social Development
           Plant Protection
           Power Generation
           Primary Health Care Nursing
           Professional Accounting
           Project Management
           Property Studies
           Public Education
           Public Relations and Professional Communication
           Public Sector Management
           Rangeland Management
           Regional Development
           Resilient Communities
           Resource Management
           Resources Sector
           Rural and Remote
           Rural and Remote Nursing
           Rural Systems Management
           Science Communication
           Skin Cancer
           Social Policy
           Social Work Studies
           Software Engineering
           Speech Pathology Studies
           Sport and Exercise
           Sports Coaching
           Sports Medicine
           Studies in Religion
           Sustainable Development
           Systems Engineering
           TESOL Studies
           Travel and Tourism Management
           Tropical Animal Health and Production
           Urban and Regional Planning
           Veterinary Diagnostic Pathology
           Writing, Editing and Publishing
           Young People's Health
Doctoral Programs
           Clinical Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology
           Clinical Pharmacy
           Clinical Psychology
           Clinical Psychology and Clinical Geropsychology
           Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology
           Clinical Surgery
           Dento-Maxillofacial Radiology
           Paediatric Dentistry

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